A Prayer Warrior

Before I got married, I often went to youth alliance. There were almost 10 youthS came together for pray and learn the Bible.
One day, while we were praying with join hands and lifted our hands up, I felt both of my sholder very stiff, seems there was a heaviest burdent puted on my sholder. Hopefully I could release my hands and let my sholder took a rest for a moment. But I couldn't do it. Both of my hands got held tightly by my friends who stood on the left and the right of me, and I worried to disturb their prayer, so I try to survived by the stiff of my sholder. It's really tormented.

Finally, the pray was finished, we released our hands from one another. I took a deep breath. Suddenly, the leader asked to me, "Rachel, did you feel something as we pray?"
At first I was confused of what  her mean. But, I directly remembered with my sholder, so i replied her, "Yes. My sholder was very stiff!"
She said," You know, Rachel? Jesus puts the burdent of prayer on your sholder. God wants to use you as a prayer warrior."

In another day at another situation, there were a couple came to my house. The woman said to me, "You know Rachel, on your head there is a little fire. You know what the meaning of the fire?"
I shook my head.
"It's about prayer." She continued. "God puts a prayer fire on your head.god wants to  use you as a prayer warrior."

Till now, I have been feeling guilty when I remember it. I often lazy to pray. Whereas, I have got a lot of miracles in my life, and I have been experiencing a millions of God's kindness.

Oh Lord, don't take Your spirit from my heart, I want to be your vessel. Let me be Your house of prayer. Use my life for Your glory. Guide me in Your truth and teach me for Your are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long. Amen.

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